Recycling booking

Please note: People who are not using a vehicle to access the site no longer need to book a slot
All vehicles entering the site must have booked a time slot and bring proof of their Lambeth address when attending the site.

Those people attending on foot cannot enter the site on multiple occasions if they cannot carry the one load into the site.  They must book multiple slots to do so.  If you are not using a vehicle to enter the site then please put 'on foot' in the vehicle registration details section.

When coming in your own vehicle you must provide your vehicle registration and postcode.  If these are not provided correctly you will be turned away and asked to book again.

If you are using a car club or zip car vehicle put 'carclub' or 'zipcar' in the vehicle registration details

Please note that only Lambeth residents can book a slot using this form.  Please ensure you only visit the site on the date and at the time you have booked.  You must put your proof of Lambeth address, as per your booking, clearly on the dashboard of your vehicle or hold it up on arrival on foot so that this can be checked by the operatives managing vehicles entering the site.  If you do not have this proof of address you will not be allowed to enter and you will be asked to rebook