Bulky waste collection

Use this form to book and pay for a bulky waste collection. Once you have made your booking no refunds will be provided.

If you live in a flat please present your bulky waste next to where your refuse is collected from without causing an obstruction.

If you present hazardous items, or items that can’t be collected due to size or weight, or you present items from a commercial premises, the items will not be collected and you will not receive a refund.

Items will not be collected from inside your property.  Please place items in your garden as close to the pavement as possible, or on the pavement if you have no garden without causing an obstruction or next to the bulk bins if you live in a block of flats.

Items should only be placed on the pavement after 8pm the day before collection otherwise you may be liable to a fine for fly-tipping.

Find out how to get rid of hazardous waste items

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